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New campaign visual types: Video and Slideshow

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Shared by Elise • November 30, 2023

Managers are now able to choose between three visual types when setting up a campaign:

- Single image: this is the classic option we've supported since day one

- Slideshow of images: lets you upload a few images, which will be shown in a slideshow format on the community

- Video: lets you upload a video that will play on the community.

The choice can be made in the campaign builder's sidebar and is the same for all languages of your campaign:

Both new types require a fallback image for use where the richer display isn't supported, e.g., in emails.

For slideshows, we automatically select the first one (this is customizable), but for videos, you'll need to either manually upload one or select one from the thumbnails we generate.

Some notes on how these visuals behave in the community:


- Don't automatically cycle through the images.

- On mobile phones (web and app), users can swipe through the images.

- Users get arrow buttons on the desktop to navigate through the images.


- Automatically start playing when they become visible in the user's feed and stop when the user has scrolled past them.

- Automatically start playing when the user opens a detail view.

- Plays muted in the feed.

- Plays with sound on details pages in the mobile app.

- Plays muted on detail pages on the web. Users can still enable the sound on the video themselves.

Note: Users on an older version of the mobile app will see the fallback image mentioned above until they've updated the mobile app.