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New custom fields and XLSX import updates

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Shared by Kasia • April 19, 2024

1. Single and and multiple-choice lists

Custom fields, of the single-choice or multiple-choice list type , can be now added from Configuration/Custom Fields. After assigning a Category, Group and any number of options, the field will be visible in the Configuration/People and CoreHR/People views.

After defining the field and selection options, you will see the new column after downloading the Export/Import template. You can easily add/change an existing selection in an employee - by typing the option name - and delete - if you clear a cell in the sheet in that person and do an Import.

2. symfonyGUID field

Administrators who have integration with Symfonia Sage enabled have gained the ability to:

  • enter the employee number from this system in the SYMFONIA SAGE GUID field in the People/Administration tab.
  • bulk update/add this field in multiple employees via a new XLS import.