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Core HR

New custom fields and XLSX import updates

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Shared by Kasia • April 19, 2024

1. Single and and multiple-choice lists

Custom fields, of the single-choice or multiple-choice list type , can be now added from Configuration/Custom Fields. After assigning a Category, Group and any number of options, the field will be visible in the Configuration/People and CoreHR/People views.

After defining the field and selection options, you will see the new column after downloading the Export/Import template. You can easily add/change an existing selection in an employee - by typing the option name - and delete - if you clear a cell in the sheet in that person and do an Import.

2. symfonyGUID field

Administrators who have integration with Symfonia Sage enabled have gained the ability to:

  • enter the employee number from this system in the SYMFONIA SAGE GUID field in the People/Administration tab.
  • bulk update/add this field in multiple employees via a new XLS import.
Core HR

Easy data editing in Core HR

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Shared by Sebastian • April 15, 2024

Tired of editing each group of data in new pop'ups? We got you.

Now, you can edit each field in the drawers tab with one click. Just press the edit button and modify whatever you want. Remember to save your work afterwards.

No more switching between popups. It's just simple data modification.

Time & Attendance
Time Off

Customize the new timesheet view to your preferences 🔥

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Shared by Sebastian • April 15, 2024

From now on, you can display only the crucial and actively used data in your timesheet view.

To achieve this, go to the “SHOW” dropdown located in the top right corner, select “Custom,” and tick off the necessary data fields.

This adjustment will streamline your timesheet view, ensuring clarity and minimalism by eliminating unnecessary information.

Time & Attendance

Refreshed QR Code Management Screen

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Shared by Kasia • March 12, 2024

Calamari Kiosk - QR code management interface has been updated to enhance your experience:

  • The communication of the KIOSK configuration process and the distribution of QR codes have been improved
  • The function for printing QR codes has been made more prominent, so you can find and use it with ease.
  • The option to enable/disable a method is now linked with the terminal's configuration status.
  • The default terminal settings have been aligned with those of the KIOSK.

These updates are designed to simplify your QR code management process and ensure that your settings are coherent and easily accessible. Explore the refreshed interface for a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Time & Attendance
Time Off
Core HR

New features when adding and editing an employee

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Shared by Kasia • March 12, 2024

We've added some new features to simplify the process of adding and editing employees on our platform:

  • You can now add new teams and positions directly within the employee addition interface, ensuring a smoother workflow.
  • The update removes the need to halt the process and switch to the Configuration section if certain positions or teams are missing.
  • This is part of our ongoing effort to provide a more straightforward approach to managing people.

How it works:

  • Go to Configuration > People > Add. In the fields for Position and Teams, you can now search and select existing options or add new ones without leaving the interface.
  • Existing positions and teams appear in grey, new are showed in green.
  • Changes are saved after completing the employee addition process.

We hope these new features make your administrative tasks more efficient. Explore the updated process for a smoother experience in managing your team.

Time & Attendance

New Timesheet view

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Shared by Sebastian • March 01, 2024

Analyze your Time & Attendance data even more easily with a new, much cleaner view.

At a glance, catch abnormalities affecting the salary calculation - absences, unfinished shifts, and the total number of hours worked in the marked time range.

The improved cell design will show the most important information from a given day.

Improved keyboard navigation and a refreshed date picker will simplify data searches.

Core HR

Simplify the management of employee children's data

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Shared by Sebastian • February 19, 2024

This is another update to our employee import functionality.

From now on, being an administrator, it is much easier for you to manage employee children's data.

Quickly make bulk data changes through an Excel sheet.

Depending on your organization's needs, you can collect the following information:

- child's first name

- child's surname

- child's date of birth

- gender of the child

All of the above data is optional, so you do not need to collect redundant data.

Time Off
Time & Attendance
Core HR

New filtering option in Configuration -> People

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Shared by Kasia • February 12, 2024

Based on your feedback, we have significantly refreshed the look of the Configuration -> People panel.

From now on:

  • you will see more employees on one screen
  • you can filter employees by all the fields available in the employee profile, such as contract type, start date, or shirt size.

We are constantly collecting feedback on these changes. We plan to switch all users to the new view in the coming months.

Microsoft Integration
Time Off
Time & Attendance

Personal notifications and automatic installation in MS Teams

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Shared by Kasia • February 12, 2024

New features for teams using MS Teams:

  • managers can accept and reject requests directly from their workspace, and if there is a prolonged lack of response, they will get reminders about pending requests,
  • employees receive information about the status of the request,
  • with the Time & Attendance module enabled, employees get notifications with a "start/finish work" button and the option to select a project.

In addition, we have provided the option to automatically install the Calamari application in MS Teams for all employees. To do this, go to Configuration -> Integrations -> MS Teams, enable the integration, and then confirm permissions in MS Teams.

Time & Attendance
Time Off
Core HR

Import employee data from Excel

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Shared by Kasia • January 17, 2024

Significant changes have taken place in Configuration -> Import. We refreshed its look, but most importantly, we added an option to import an XLSX file.

It's the next step to make Calamari the source of truth about your employees. You can quickly and conveniently download, edit and import employee data from now on.

With this option, you can:

  • update any employee field via XLSX file
  • import custom fields,
  • import additional fields,
  • import only selected columns.

In addition, when you go to the XLSX import tab, you can:

  • download a blank template, which is ideal for adding new users,
  • or download a template with filled-in user data, which is suitable for updating data.

During the import:

  • you will see an import progress bar - you can safely close the browser, and the import will complete itself,
  • if the imported file contains errors - in addition to the information, you will get the option to download the file that contains only errors.

You can still contact the Customer Care team about import issues - use the chat in the application.