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Import employee data from Excel

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Shared by Kasia • January 17, 2024

Significant changes have taken place in Configuration -> Import. We refreshed its look, but most importantly, we added an option to import an XLSX file.

It's the next step to make Calamari the source of truth about your employees. You can quickly and conveniently download, edit and import employee data from now on.

With this option, you can:

  • update any employee field via XLSX file
  • import custom fields,
  • import additional fields,
  • import only selected columns.

In addition, when you go to the XLSX import tab, you can:

  • download a blank template, which is ideal for adding new users,
  • or download a template with filled-in user data, which is suitable for updating data.

During the import:

  • you will see an import progress bar - you can safely close the browser, and the import will complete itself,
  • if the imported file contains errors - in addition to the information, you will get the option to download the file that contains only errors.

You can still contact the Customer Care team about import issues - use the chat in the application.

Time & Attendance
Mobile Apps

Select projects in the KIOSK mobile app

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Shared by Kasia • January 17, 2024

Until now, while using our mobile app for marking attendance with QR codes (KIOSK), you could easily mark breaks and take photos at the start and end of work. From now you can also select projects you're currently working on.

With the project selection function, employees can report the time spent, among other things:

  • on a given activity,
  • at a given location,
  • for a specific client.

Learn more about Calamari KIOSK in the Help Center.

Time Off
Google Integration

Google Calendar out of office during time off ✨ 🗓️

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Shared by Kamil • December 29, 2023

Exciting news! After much anticipation, Google now allows setting up Out Of Office (OOO) via the Calendar API, and we've seamlessly incorporated this into our Google Calendar integration.

Here's what changed:

  • Your employees' time off requests are now directly synced as Out Of Office (OOO) events in their private Google Calendar
  • OOO will automatically decline any new conflicting invitations
  • Public holidays and remote work requests remain unaffected.
  • This feature is already enabled in all new Calamari accounts.

Eager to experience this upgrade? Contact our Customer Success team to activate it in your account 🎉

Mobile Apps
Time & Attendance

Log your work time directly from your MacBook desktop

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Shared by Kamil • December 21, 2023

Staying productive has never been easier - we're thrilled to announce new time-tracking widget for iOS and macOS.

This handy tool allows you to start and end your work, select projects and breaks, and customize your break and project lists, all at your fingertips. Plus, it's available in three sizes and supports both dark and light modes.

To use widgets, you need to have iOS version 17 or above on your iPhone/iPad or version 14 Sonoma on your Mac.

Get ready to boost your efficiency like never before! 📱✨


Accept leave requests straight from Microsoft 365

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Shared by Sebastian • December 21, 2023

MS 365 integration has received another enhancement.

From now on, you can accept/reject your team's vacation requests 🎉

If you use Microsoft 365 in your organisation, use Calamari even more effectively. You can:

  • Submit leave requests
  • Accept/reject your team's vacation requests
  • Record work time, breaks, and projects
  • Check the information on time worked
  • Check the information about your requests and upcoming absences/remote work within your organization
  • Check your entitlement balance
Mobile Apps

Approval improvements on the mobile apps

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Shared by Sebastian • December 21, 2023

There is a new application approval screen for both platforms (Android/iOS).

With it, you will get:

  • the ability to filter by application type (change requests, leave requests)
  • possibility to select several requests and accept only selected ones
  • a nicer, refreshed view with information on how many applications are waiting for approval
  • better navigation
Core HR

People and Documents tab available on mobile apps

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Shared by Sebastian • December 21, 2023

From now on, you can use the People and Documents tab on mobile devices (as a part of the CoreHR module)

Within the Documents tab, directly from your mobile device, you can:

  • add and view documents
  • assign permissions to documents
  • send and accept documents

With the People tab you have access to:

  • a list of the organization's employees
  • business card of each employee
  • employee manual of me
Time & Attendance
Time Off
Core HR

Significant change in fields visibility

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Shared by Sebastian • December 21, 2023

We are moving all custom fields that are not related to the Time Off or Time & Attendance configuration into the Core HR module by November 2023.

CoreHR will manage the following information

  • Family:
    - marital status
    - children
    - the youngest child's birth date
  • Contact
    - business phone
    - home phone
    - personal email
  • Address
  • Emergency Contact
  • Birth date and group notifications about birthdays

Updated: 21st Dec 2023

Core HR

Custom fields in CoreHR module

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Shared by Sebastian • October 25, 2023

Create custom fields and keep the necessary employee data always at hand.

Now you can store information in the CoreHR module in many different formats, such as dates, text fields, and checkboxes.

This gives you the ability to store information such as:

  • tax office data
  • emergency contact information
  • B2B contractor data in case of civil contracts
  • bank account number
  • information about special diet
  • level of education
  • reasons for dismissal
Core HR

Work with me – a way for effective cooperation and understanding

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Shared by Agata • August 28, 2023

Mutual understanding is the key to effective communication, which is why we decided to create a place where employees can talk about themselves and learn something about others.

Answering a few questions will facilitate a substantive discussion, minimize misunderstandings and build a foundation of empathy, thanks to which employees better understand their needs, expectations, and cultural differences.

As part of the Work with me functionality, you receive a list of questions divided into thematic categories, under which you can:

  • introduce yourself to colleagues,
  • describe your preferred form of contact,
  • share information on how to work with you best,
  • what inspires you at work,
  • what are you interested in, and what do you do after work.

The new functionality can be found in the Core HR People module in the "Work with me" tab. You can add, edit, and delete your replies there and view your co-workers' replies.

With hints and suggested answers, your team can easily fill out the tab and get to know others. You don't have to answer all the questions – just answer the ones you consider most important.